Video Project Reflection

Going solo with this project was both liberating and a hindrance to my final production.  I think doing it by myself allowed me to try things I wouldn’t have otherwise, mainly trying to build my own makeshift studio set in my room, but I also felt like it would have been nice to be able to bounce ideas off of someone whose grade was also on the line.  

To the actual project itself.  I did not think that I would be the only one to attempt to do a highlight show given the sports interest in the class, so I think it may have given the appearance that my idea was more creative than it actually was.  I simply chose to align with my major and use the resources that were available to me to make it happen.  

I was fairly pleased with the video quality in my project.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a DSLR tripod that that gave me fast and smooth enough swivel to shoot good highlights with so carefully I shot while holding the camera in my hands.  There is evidence of a little camera shake but with some editing software it was smoothed out for the most part.  However there is an odd shake in the transitions between the different plays.  I was also quite lucky in that there were a bunch of exciting plays in the particular game I decided to cover and didn’t even have to think about doing another one because there were so many good highlights that I even had to cut some because they didn’t really fit into the story of the game.  

I, however, was displeased with the audio side of the piece.  I not necessarily with the technical quality of it but with some file issues and my voice performance.   Early on I did my voice-over in the recording studios in the Journalism building and felt like I had a great deal of energy and it sounded pretty good but when I tried to plug it into windows movie maker it was corrupted and rendered unusable.  I then had to redo it with a simple computer headset and I was not nearly as satisfied with it.  Also I put background music in during the highlights as is custom but in the YouTube upload it seems to have changed the ratio of volume so my voice overwhelms it and it is barely audible.  Overall I enjoyed this project but I wish I would have been able to overcome some of these software issues.



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