Audio Slide Show Reflection

Despite my photography experience, this assignment proved to be more difficult than I had originally imagined.  Our fictional and satirical story line made it so because it basically eliminated the ability to shoot true candid photos.  This is one area in particular that I had little experience in.  I was used to photographing subjects like sports or other live events taking place and I feared many of the pictures would become repetitive in the slide show.  In order to combat this we attempted to act out each scene to make the shots appear more organic.  Whether it worked or not is open to interpretation but for the most part I think we succeeded in getting a variety of angels and fresh perspectives.  The down side to this approach is that each scene had to be photographed multiple times in order to ensure we had enough quality photographs for the final project.  This meant after shooting we had to sort through hundreds of the same thing to find find the correct shot and without my DSLR this would have been a nightmare.  This made for a time consuming process but was better than the alternative.

For our topic we wanted a fairly creative approach and I don’t think anyone can doubt that we achieved but both of us feared that the class wouldn’t find it funny, or worse; find it offensive.  When dealing with stereotyping a prevalent group of individuals there is always a fine line between comedy and obscenity.  We tried to generalize to the point that even people who identify with these groups would be able to laugh and poke fun at themselves and again I believe we succeeded.  For the most part our jokes were pretty harmless; mainly playing on the over-dramatized, emotional nature of your classic sorority girl and struggling, bohemian artist.  The latter of which we were there weren’t any of in the class but because of the relevance of former, Lydia debated about putting in a disclaimer.

A really fun part of the project was getting to incorporate a lot of our friends into the photo shoot.  Even with the constant iPhone paparazzi in today’s world, people still are intrigued by a device designed specifically for photography that has a big lens on it and naturally want to get in front of it.  Coordinating those different people and getting what you want out of them must be just a small taste of what it would be like to be a professional studio photographer.

One big aspect that I initially overlooked, and all told didn’t have a huge part in, was the selection and synchronization of music to the slide show.  I thought it would be simple plug in play but once we got to actually editing I realized how important timing and balancing with voice-over audio, not just straight choice of song, was.  Lydia did a terrific job of incorporating it into the video and it really tied the whole project together.


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