Podcast Reflection

Creating this podcast was a very different experience for me than many other assignments than I’ve had throughout the course of my student career and in that aspect it was a very welcome change of pace.  However, initially I was quite nervous about this project since over the course of three weeks I was going from basically blind to expected to have a 10 minute polished production in a medium with which I was unfamiliar.  I thought operating the software would be much more difficult to get even the basics and I was genuinely concerned that the end result would suffer.  Stepping into one of the recording is deceptively intimidating when you see 200 different switches and dials on a sound board.  Fortunately, these fears were quickly lifted once I  actually started to record in the studio and saw how simple it was to operate the equipment different tracks and found the procedure for bouncing the Pro-Tools file to .wav format and usable in garage band for further editing.

One area I was not worried about what-so-ever was having enough content to fill up the allotted 10 minute slot.  Past competitive speaking experience taught me that time moves a great deal faster than you perceive while you are speaking, especially when it is a topic you are interested in.  The topic my partner and I selected also ensured that we would have no shortage of material.  Homecoming was, and still is, a very relevant topic in terms of proximity to the actual event and the passion with which the people surrounding Oklahoma State have an opinion.  This was so much so that we had to cut parts of our planned script because of the detail needed to be conveyed so those unfamiliar would still be able to follow the show.  We decided to allow more time for, and make the show about the students so we omitted the alumni interview, opting to give a more detailed description of the process today and simply an overview of the past.

I definitely felt like partnering up for this assignment was an enormous benefit even though it was a challenge, one that we may or may not have overcome, to make the dialogue feel natural.  Having multiple voices was critical to keeping the production fresh, especially because if I had done it solo I probably would have rambled on a great deal.  This partnership also got me out of my comfort zone to a topic I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  All told, I really enjoyed the freedom that this assignment provided and got the ball rolling on a new skill set.



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