So… what lies ahead?


As this blog toddles its way through infancy, I think it is of necessity to semi-formally lay out its function, goals and aspirations.

First and foremost this site’s purpose is to serve as an advertisement, but not for one of the many firms that WordPress may have as their primary source of income. Rather it is for myself, the front line of sorts for my one man publicity campaign to find legitimate internships and (hopefully) employment during and after my days as a student at Oklahoma State University are finished.  In order fulfill this statement the site must be appealing, yet simple and direct enough that users are able to easily access the posts and find what they are looking for.  I have attempted to create a streamlined page that split between the posts themselves and then further navigation tools on the right to more easily search for and track older posts, this is then mixed in with just enough color to keep the page interesting.

Though aforementioned goals are important, real challenge lies with the content itself, that after all, is what will determine if this site is ultimately a resounding success or sputtering flop.  A good portion of the major stuff will be handled by in-class assignments that leave room for creativity but are still fairly straight forward.  What can set my blog apart are the intermittent posts that keep the site fresh and dynamic.  The subject of these is where I find myself at a cross-roads.  Since my major is sports media I feel compelled to share my knowledge of and passion for this industry on a regular basis, and many of my future readers may be interested in such.  On the other hand I do not want it to appear like that sector consumes my entire life and I also desire to share my thoughts on other events and subjects occurring throughout our world.  For now I think 75 – 25 percent ratio of sports related to non-sporting topics is an appropriate guideline to start with and I will go from there.  I believe this gives me enough flexibility to do what I see fit and capitalize on opportunities to produce quality content when they arise, and I have no intention of limiting myself in that regard.

To echo that previous sentence, the one thing that I truly want to do with this blog is always keep it open to change and never stop improving.  There will always be new features to add from a design and content standpoint and to stop innovating is to perusing excellence (and probably stop earning a good grade).  I have a specific vision but it will always be open to change and advice.


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